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Student Stories

Preceptorship to Ortho Surgery

3 Students, 3 Schools, 3 Perspectives

Jimmy is a medical student from the University of Southern California.  Kara is a pharmacy student at Ohio Northern University.
And Jack is a medical student at UCLA.  In the following short videos, they talk about their times at the Whole Person Care Preceptorship.



Why did you choose this Preceptorship?

What did you like most?

How will this Preceptorship help you carry out the Great Commission as a healthcare professional ?

How has the Preceptorship affected your walk with God?

How has the Preceptorship community impacted you?

What would you say to someone who is considering applying to this Preceptorship?

Bill Reichart, CMDA VP of Campus & Community Ministries, interviews
four Preceptorship alums in this Student Podcast!