Medical Strategic Network


Alumni Webinars


Winter 2017

Alisha Kidane, MD and Terry McGrath, MD share how training others to practice whole person care helps sustain their own practice of whole person care.


Fall 2016 Webinar

Doug Pollock, author the the book God Space – Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally, offers practical advice on making meaningful and authentic connections with those who do not know Christ.


Spring 2015 Webinar

Sam Southworth, RN tells his story of providing whole person care at a new job in a new location as a new employee.


Winter 2015 Webinar

Stan Shu, MD discusses providing whole person care with limited time over several patient visits.  Kristen Farthing, PA and Helena Torres, PharmD share about launching new conference sites in Tulsa and Indianapolis.


Fall 2014 Webinar

Neurosurgeon Greg Bonnen, MD shares about his journey to Medical Strategic Network.