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What Others Are Saying

“Out of all my time in medical school spent studying and in the hospital, the single most useful month was at the Whole Person Care Preceptorship.  There was no other experience in medical school that taught me more about how to do with actual people, not just problems, than my month at this preceptorship.”

Physician Preceptorship Alumnus

 “The project was one of the best things to happen to my medical career and, indeed, my life. As a current student and future physician, I am better able to truly and wholly treat my patients.”

Bruce Sabath, Medical Student
The Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine

“The preceptorship taught me how to naturally engage patients in conversations that lead to spiritual discussions. As a nurse, I use information I learned through the preceptorship on a regular basis.”

Shae Pendley, RN
Greensboro, NC

“The preceptorship gave me invaluable insight into my perspective of patients and people and how to align that with Christ’s mission for His followers. I’ve never felt more passionate about endorsing a program to provide depth and direction to any Christian’s journey as a health professional than the preceptorship and it’s godly-minded leaders.”

Keith Kincaide, Medical Student
Florida State University

“In debating whether to come to the preceptorship or do research, the pivotal question I answered was “Will there be another opportunity to learn to ethically bring Jesus in to my practice in such a focused and effective time.” The answer was no. I indeed learned an immense amount as well as made friends who touched my life.”

Jordan Whatley, Medical Student
Louisiana State Univ. School of Medicine

“A time of personal growth, challenge, and stretching of boundaries all the while learning about one of the most important aspects of health care! As only one of a few pharmacy students, it was all the more rewarding. Highly recommended for Pharmacists who want to expand their vision.”

Eunice S. Lee, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate
California Northstate University

“This Project is great! I learned how to talk with my patients about spiritual issues. I could not have learned this anywhere else!”

Angie Beckler, Nursing Student
South Dakota State University

“I went to the preceptorship to invest in my future. My medical training will focus on taking caring of the patient’s physical ailment but with very little emphases on how to provide healing to their spiritual health. The preceptorship provided me with the skills on how to engage a patients whole person health and share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a health care setting.”

Sunny Singh, DPM-17 Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Des Moines University

“I will be practicing the skills learned for the rest of my life, not just during the preceptorship.”

Susan Baker, Nursing Student
University of North Carolina

“For me, this summer was not just a picture of what God can do in and through the lives of those who are faithful to Him, but also a time of deepening of my personal faith in the Lord and growing closer to Him in my daily walk. I am confident that the experiences God provided me through this preceptorship will help me better care for my future patients. I greatly encourage you to prayerfully consider participating in the Whole Person Care Preceptorship this summer!”

Maria Marian, Medical Student
University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix

“METS summer project was truly a summer that lasted a lifetime; it challenged me and it changed me. From meeting lifelong friends to learning practical ways to share the gospel, my future nursing career is now the greatest tool for me to use, to be a vessel for The Lord and share His truth with patients. The Lord said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” I pray that my heart stays so focused on Christ that I can say: I am Christian first who just happens to be a nurse. Praise The Lord that our success is not measured by how much we do but by being obedient to our Father in heaven.”

Hannah Adkins, Nursing Student
St. Mary’s School of Nursing

“My first year of medical school had challenged and even broken my vision for what God had in store for my future as a medical doctor. But, praise God, through living examples and mentors of Christians [on the Project] desiring to live faithfully to administer the Gospel of Christ in their medical professions, I’ve been able to see and regain a Christ-centered vision.”

Eric Huang, Medical Student
Brown University Medical School, Providence, RI

“METS is a fantastic opportunity to practice talking with patients about sensitive, personal, and spiritual issues. The preceptors each have their own style so you can learn different ways of approaching whole person care.”

Amanda Chao, Medical Student
Loma Linda University School of Medicine