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Preceptorship FAQs

Got questions and concerns about coming to the Whole Person Care Preceptorship? Most people do. Here’s a list of the more common things we hear. While most of these questions are addressed more extensively on other pages of our site, here’s a quick summary.

Preceptorship Brochure

This is my last free summer. I’m really tired from school and need a break from the books.

We can certainly understand that. Everybody needs some down time. That’s why our program is only five weeks long. Most students get about 8-12 weeks off for summer. So one can attend our Preceptorship in California and still have time to play, relax, travel, spend time with family, significant others, etc.

Plus our time is not all work. Each week we spend an entire day and night enjoying the best of Southern California – beaches, professional sports, major theme parks, hiking, world class museums and shopping, and more. You’ll get really close to the other students who attend. You’ll build great community and relationships as you thrive in incredible times together in the evenings, breaks, rotations, and meals. Believe it, you won’t want to leave at the end.

I simply don’t have the money to attend.

Yep, the bucks are usually short for students. If you do have money, it’s often loan money which is rapidly adding to your growing loan balance. That’s why we encourage you to not use your own money or borrow any more. You see, most students who have attended the preceptorship raise the money. Each summer God provides millions of dollars for students to serve him through opportunities like this. We help you do this via instructional packs and a personal coach. You’ll learn a simple and proven plan to pray, write some letters, and make some calls to folks you know. Then you watch God work. It’s often unbelievable how he provides. Of the hundreds of students we have invited to attend the Preceptorship, only two did not attend due to finances.

More, in addition to all your expenses (Preceptorship fee, airfare, meals, etc.) you are allowed to raise additional funds of up to $1600 which can be paid to you as a stipend. That way, you can leave with some income. And yes, we’ve seen God raise money for both student expenses and their stipend!

Who are you guys? Is this Preceptorship really legit?

A great and welcome question. Visit the other pages on our site for more details on our history.

The quick answer is that we have done Preceptorships each summer since 2001. We began offering them after we had been in existence for about 10 years and had trained some 2,000 health professionals and students in whole person care. Many of docs and nurses who have attended our training have received professional continuing education credit (up to 17 hours of Category 1 CME for physicians and 23 hours of CEU for nurses – CME and CEU are required to maintain medical and nursing licenses.)

Some 400+ students just like you have attended the previous Preceptorships. And they have come from the best schools in the world including Harvard, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, UCLA, Emory, Case Western and many others. They’ve come from many different countries and many have continued from the same schools each year.

I am married. Can my spouse attend? What is the cost for my spouse?

Yes! Spouses are welcome to attend, regardless of whether they are in a healthcare field or not. Over the years, several spouses have attended and all have had very positive experiences.

If your spouse is also in healthcare, he/she would be able to participate in the clinical aspects of the program. If not, they would still be able to attend all group teaching sessions, be involved in a small group, enjoy all social outings/trips, and potentially have a personal mentor.

As the Preceptorship costs are tied to actual costs of lodging, meals, local transportation, etc., spouses pay the same amount.

Read what Jessica, a wife of a medical student who attended the preceptorship, says about her decision and experience with us.

A Letter to Spouses

I’m planning to apply for a really competitive residency program. I must do research this summer to improve my chances of getting in.

This Preceptorship might be more strategic than you think. First, we are investigating research opportunities which you might be able to do in California after the Preceptorship is over. Second, a well-worded description of your time at this here can attract attention to your residency application. More and more programs are recognizing the value of whole person care and might very well appreciate someone who has had extensive training and experience in this area. Third, all applicants are looking for something that wil set them apart from all other applicants.  If you do this Preceptorship, few if any, will have a similar professional experience.  Lastly, can we be honest with each other? Aren’t our futures something with which we need to wisely trust God? We are confident that if He calls you to spend five weeks with us this summer, he will bring together the plans he has for your residency. He raised Jesus from the dead and is the creator God. No sparrow falls to the ground without his knowledge. He is able to get the interview you need, move the decision makers to offer you the spot, and work through the match process to accomplish that which He already has planned for you on match day. Guaranteed.

This is beginning to sound interesting. But I need to do a required preceptorship via school, so I don’t have the time to come.

Don’t give up yet. Many students with similar requirements have successfully negotiated with their schools to have this Preceptorship serve as a substitute for such requirements. We are available to coach you in the process of negotiating such an arrangement with your own school. This academic course description can be presented to your dean or advisor. Plus, our attending physician faculty are available to answer the questions of your advisors and deans.

I need to get an elective rotation done, so I couldn’t come even if I wanted to.

Did we mention that elective rotation credit for this preceptorship may be available from you own school? We can help you negotiate with your own school to get elective rotation credit for your time on this Preceptorship. Our academic course description may be helpful

Is local transportation provided?

Yes. Local transportation will be provided with rented cars and the cars of other students who bring their car and are willing to provide transportation to others (these students will be reimbursed for gas and use).