Medical Strategic Network


Summer Mission FAQs


I am not in a pre-med or other pre-professional healthcare major. Can I apply?

Yes, the mission is open to any student who is considering a healthcare career.

I simply don’t have the money to attend.

Yep, the bucks are usually short for students. If you do have money, it’s often loan money which is rapidly adding to your growing loan balance. That’s why we encourage you to not use your own money or borrow any more. You see, most students who have attended the summer mission raise the money. Each summer God provides millions of dollars for students to serve him through opportunities like this. We help you do this via instructional packs and a personal coach. You’ll learn a simple and proven plan to pray, write some letters, and make some calls to folks you know. Then you watch God work. It’s often unbelievable how he provides. Of the hundreds of students we have invited to attend the summer mission, did not attend due to finances.

Who are you guys? Is this mission really legit?

A great and welcome question. Visit the other pages on our site for more details on our history.

The quick answer is that we have had summer missions each summer since 2001. We began offering them after we had been in existence for about 10 years and had trained some 2,000 health professionals and students in whole person care. Many of docs and nurses who have attended our training have received professional continuing education credit (17 hours of Category 1 CME for physicians and 23 hours of CEU for nurses – CME and CEU are required to maintain medical and nursing licenses.)

Some 475+ students just like you have attended the previous preceptorships and missions. And they have come from the best schools in the world including Harvard, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, UCLA, Emory, Case Western and many others. They’ve come from many different countries and many schools have continued to send students each year.

Is local transportation provided?

Yes. Local transportation will be provided with rented cars and the cars of summer mission students who bring their car and are willing to provide transportation to others (these students will be reimbursed for gas and use).