Medical Strategic Network


What Others Are Saying

“This is the best and most practical conference for Christian physicians I have ever attended.”

Rodney Lovett, MD
Blaine, Minnesota

“I went into healthcare to serve God by caring for people and incorporating my faith into my patient care. But eventually that dream faded over years of training and the busy pace of a practice. This conference helped me clearly see how to incorporate my faith into my practice, but it also helped restore my original vision and desire to practice medicine.”

Keith Thorne, MD
Jackson, MS

“METS has helped me to see that evangelism is possible in the setting of the doctor-patient relationship and that it need not be intrusive. I came away with a better understanding of how to approach the spiritual needs of my patients.”

Craig Radford, MD
Tyler, Texas

“METS has given me a clear vision of how I can use my medical practice as a platform for sharing the gospel and has renewed my passion for winning the lost.”

Tod Stillson, MD
Plymouth, Indiana

“Through the training on how to take the Spiritual History I have learned how to ask questions that are not threatening or offensive and how to relate the gospel to the concerns of my patients.”

Eleana Foster, RN
Sebasopol, California

“Since coming to METS, I have seen co-workers, patients, neighbors, and even a woman whose car broke down by the roadside come to faith in Christ.”

John Branch, DO
Riverside, California

“I actually have a friend who went (to the METS conference) 2 years ago and told me she’d rather have me miss her wedding…than miss what is likely my only chance as a student to attend the conference.”

Christina Slack, Medical Student
University of Alberta

“METS is a must for any Christian physician who is in practice today. METS is as important to a physician as his clinical training and perhaps more so.”

Donald C. Schaffer, MD
Dayton, OH

“As a medical spouse, I expected very little of the conference to be applicable to myself. There was very little that was not applicable. METS is beneficial to any believer in any profession.”

Kevin Bender, Medical Spouse
Sylvan Lake, Alberta Canada

“As a Christian physician in practice for 25 years I have never been so equipped to share the love of Jesus with my patients and friends.”

Edward Aston, MD