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Medical Student Shares His Faith with Chief Resident

Posted on Feb 5, 2014 in Articles

“I just got of prison for murder! Where is Dr. Smith?” With these words, the Emergency Room staff came to a halt. Months earlier, Jim, a 250 pound criminal, had been treated at this hospital by Dr. Smith. Jim’s first mission upon his release was to find this physician. (Names have been changed.)

Dr. Smith is a physician involved in our ministry network. Years ago Campus Crusade staff had built into his Christian life. He was so transformed that he wanted to be a “bright light” through his practice.

It had been another long day in the ER as two armed marshals brought in Jim, a prisoner, whom they were transporting to Folsom Prison. Dr. Smith stabilized this convicted murder and admitted him to the hospital. In the coming days, he felt impressed of God to go and talk with this prisoner about Jesus Christ. Each time this impression came, Dr. Smith promptly dismissed it. Though he wanted to be that shinning light, he was scarred. What convicted murder would be interested in talking about Jesus Christ?

A few nights later, Dr. Smith finally had a chance to get some sleep during a lull at the hospital. Yet sleep would not come. He kept thinking of the prisoner somewhere in his hospital. Might he be willing to consider the claims of Christ?

Dr. Smith pulled himself out of the bed in the sleep room and made his way to the prisoner’s bedside. To his surprise, Jim was incredibly open to hearing more about forgiveness in Christ. As Dr. Smith talked, Jim, 250 pounds and chained to the bed, began to openly cry. Seeing this, the two armed guards became embarrassed and decided to “wait out in the hall.” Minutes later, Jim invited Christ into his life. “Dr. Smith, I know you are here tonight because my Grandmother has been praying for me for 15 years.”

Months later, Jim was pardoned and released from Folsom Prison. He headed straight to the Emergency Room where he had first met Dr. Smith. “Where is Dr. Smith?!” With fear and trepidation, the staff informed Jim that Dr. Smith was not working that night. Jim smiled saying “Several months ago I was admitted to this hospital. Late one night Dr. Smith took the time to visit with me. Now that I am out of prison, I wanted to come back and personally thank him for what he shared with me. Please tell him I was here.”

We are working to build Christian health professionals so that they may also become brighter lights in a very dark world.