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Jessica Tse, MD                                        
Jessica grew up in Cerritos in Southern California where she was hyper-focused on studying and playing sports. After studying bioengineering at UC San Diego, she decided to go into medicine because she discovered a love for connecting with people and a desire to promote health in mind, body, and spirit. As integrative medicine became a passion, she also became Christian and started to grow in my faith.   Entering medicine, she could not have predicted just how central and all-encompassing and awesome following Christ would become. She is floored by how His incredible mercy and faithfulness has brought her through medical school (Boston University) and to Loma Linda, CA for residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation. As this new chapter of life begins (she just started intern year), she looks forward to the unfathomable depth of being refined by the challenges ahead and in joining God in what He’s doing in the lives of those around her, especially those of her patients.