Medical Strategic Network


Seeing God provide the funds

 A word from a student

One of my main concerns in going on the summer project was my finances. Right from the beginning, I knew it was God’s will for me to go to the Medical Strategic Network (MSN) summer project. However, I was planning to propose to my girlfriend following project, plus I would be paying for pharmacy school tuition. These financial concerns kept surfacing in my thoughts throughout the application process, leaving me to question if God really wanted me there. Could I afford to go on summer project? Would I be able to buy an engagement ring later in the summer and begin planning for a wedding? Certainly, these destructive thoughts were not from Him. Yet, I was reminded of His faithfulness to my brother the year before when he applied for a Campus Crusade for Christ summer project in Newport Beach, CA. The Lord blessed him with ample amounts of financial support, so much that he was able to help some of his teammates financially until their support came in. I threw my hands up and said “Lord, if you want me to go on this summer project and get engaged this summer, as I feel You are calling me to do, I put my complete trust in You and Your provision, that You will also take care of my finances.”

The support raising process was new to me so I was somewhat anxious at first. Basically, to start out, I used the advice from the project director and my financial advisor for the project as well as the recommendations in the project information packet. I made an exhaustive list of family, friends’ families from my hometown and college, parent’s friends, fellow church members, past teachers, and anyone else who I thought would want to support my spiritual growth and God’s ministry through me to my future patients. I arranged the list into tiers, categorizing some as high priority and some as lower priority. I definitely wanted to send a letter to my high priority contacts first, with hopes of sending support letters to every contact on each list, to give them each the opportunity to be a part of God’s glorious work.

The support, both verbal and financial, I received was overwhelming. In all, I sent out over 150 support letters, which included a self-addressed stamped envelope to make it easier for them to respond. I used every opportunity to tell acquaintances and friends my plans for the summer, which produced a couple more contacts. I reserved personal phone calls to my supporters if it appeared my support would not be raised in time. Incidentally, I did not have to make personal phone calls. Most of my contacts were thrilled to have the opportunity to support me. Here are excerpts from two of my supporters:

“What an awesome summer you are looking forward to. Please accept the enclosed check as my gift of support.It is exciting to hear about the laborers for Christ!” ~Church member

“Your letter was an answer to my prayers. Since receiving my income tax refund I had felt led to share a certain portion of it with someone who was in need. I know the Lord would have me give it to you. He confirmed that as I read your letter.” ~High School French teacher

The letters and financial support I received encouraged me. The blessing and support from my supporters confirmed my calling to go to the first-ever MSN Summer Project and touched my heart. Amazingly, the Lord quelled my concerns and provided well beyond my needs for the project and actually, gave me enough to receive a stipend. Through this support, He provided for all of my financial needs for the project and even toward future plans! The support raising process turned out to be a huge encouragement to me and enabled me to engage in many conversations with my supporters about the Lord and my summer project plans. May the Lord richly bless you through raising support, as I have seen Him do time and again!

If you are reading this, you are probably considering the MSN Summer Project. It has been almost four months since I was in sunny southern California and I have seen daily how the Lord has used that short time in my life to break me down and fill me with His Spirit. The clinical skills and experience will go with me for the rest of my life and through the Power of the Holy Spirit, will touch the lives of the people I encounter daily. The MSN fostered personal spiritual growth and equipped me with the skills to ethically and strategically present the love of Christ to patients. It truly was a summer that lasts a lifetime!

Austin Motteler
Pharmacy Student
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill