Medical Strategic Network


Cru Staff Opportunties

Who We Are

Medical Strategic Network (MSN) is a partner ministry of Cru.  Founded by the late Yang Chen, MD, Cru staff and volunteer healthcare professionals serve together across the United States.

What We Do

MSN reaches, disciples, and launches healthcare students and professionals for a lifetime of living on mission.   We also partner with a number of healthcare ministries including SIM, CMDA, CCHF, and others.

Ways You Could Join Us

Full-time, part-time, and summer assignments are all desirable options for Cru staff.  Mostly centered around health science campus locations, full-time and part time could be from your current location or a location new to you.   Summer assignments would be with our Whole Person Care Preceptorship in Southern California.  Administrative options are also available.

Why You Might Consider This

If you long to be engaged in a ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and sending, MSN could be for you.  MSN is working directly on the front lines of campus and professional ministry.

If targeting a group of highly motivated, mature, and responsible students and professionals, MSN could be for you.  By nature and definition, this group follows through on commitments and and brings incredible resolve to anything they do.

If you value an ethnically diverse population, MSN could be for you.  Healthcare attracts those from every ethnic population and nation.

If you seek to leverage your life for strategic and significant impact, MSN could be for you.  Americans visit a physician 4 times annually.  Often in the midst of a healthcare crisis or issue, people become incredibly open to biblical truth.  Plus the majority of patients want their healthcare professional to talk with them about faith creating nearly unparalleled ministry opportunities.  Those in healthcare are highly respected and have incredible entry into individual lives, education, communities, business, and government.  With each healthcare student and professional that you influence, that could be multiplied to countless others.

What’s Next?

Look around our website.  If you’d like to hear more or discuss the possibilities, contact our director, Bob Mason (   At Cru17, let us treat you to a meal or coffee together.  While in Fort Collins, join us for an info luncheon at Saturday, July 22 at the Lory Student Center (contact us for details).