Medical Strategic Network


The Experience



We celebrate this.  It’s reflected in the students who attend, our faculty, and our Board.  As a mosaic of ethnicities and nationalities building authentic community, you’ll follow, grow, and serve Jesus together.

Faith in Action

Whether it’s being in a sexually transmitted disease clinic or caring for the underserved and marginalized of the inner city or visiting with patients long forgotten and ignored by our society, you’ll get various opportunities to live out your faith in significant and meaningful ways.


Globally Minded

Southern California is a melting pot. Multiple languages are spoken here and many nations are represented. This creates a rich environment to develop proven spiritual care skills that are being used worldwide by others today. One Preceptorship alum physician working in missions in the 10-40 window writes:

For me, I have found that in this culture, the only time I ever get to speak with anyone one-on-one is when they come to see me as the doctor. And in the safe environment of a one-on-one conversation with an “outsider” the people have shown that they are willing to open up and talk about their hurts and fears so much more. I am thankful for the time that I spent learning to look for bridges to the gospel at the Preceptorship and know that it serves me well here. I have more freedoms than many of my coworkers because I am the doctor. And I have people who are looking for long-lasting answers!

We offer a Preceptorship/Africa Option in partnership with SIM as well.



Exciting, fun, unexpected! One week you might be kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, the next week feeling the splash of a waterfall in the mountains, and then days later standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Others times you’ll be challenged with end of life issues in a world class medical simulation center only later to be confounded by probing faith questions from a real patient.  Professionally and personally, new encounters await that will refresh your walk with God, hone your patient care skills, and bring opportunities to experience the countless thrills of Southern California and beyond.



In the midst of doing life together – spiritually, professionally, socially – you’ll build great lifelong relationships with like-minded Christ followers in healthcare. Now and in the future, these can provide lifelines as you complete your training and launch into service, family, and career.


Causes that Match Your Passions

In healthcare you often encounter the underserved, human trafficking, the marginalized, addiction recovery, the disabled, abuse, and more.   This summer you’ll see much of this and learn from experts about making a difference.