Medical Strategic Network


Our History

While he was an undergraduate student in Manila, the late Yang Chen met Kent Hutcheson, a missionary. Though Yang was already a Christian, Kent taught Yang how he could be involved in the Great Commission – Jesus command to go and make disciples around the world.

As a first year student at the University of the Philippines School of Medicine in 1973, Yang shared Christ with nearly every student in class. Initial response was minimal. In subsequent years, he refined his approach to gain and hold colleagues attention. By his graduation, almost 400 medical students were involved in a spiritual movement that spanned 5 medical school campuses.

Through this, the seeds of the Medical Strategic Network and METS Whole Person Care Conferences were planted. Since then, thousands have been trained to integrate their faith into their patient care. Alumni often see dramatic results as they provide both physical and spiritual care to their patients.

In a video interview shortly before his death, Dr. Chen shares how healthcare professionals and students can care for the whole person.

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